A new way to work

A new way to assembleabode mfg

A new way to work

A new way to assembleabode mfg

A new way to work

A new way to assemble abode mfg


OUR Vision

Abode mfg's wants to change the way we work and live. Imagine a world where we can live where we want, choose what we do, and work when we want. With Abode mfg, we want to allow you to bloom where we you are planted.

This vision becomes possible when we can abundantly work from home—the ability to create jobs where individuals can take on as many projects as they can efficiently perform. All while safely contributing from the comfort of their own home.

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Abode Mfg is creating jobs, lowering the cost to produce, and increasing efficiency.

We are building new and efficient product assembly teams. Individuals join a group of highly skilled independent workers to help companies manufacture products and kits from the comfort of their home. By working with companies and individuals, we can create a new future and direction for manufacturing.

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With Us

Searching for alternative ideas in the new remote working environment? Are you looking for cost savings in your manufacturing? Abode mfg can open the door to cost-saving, efficiency, new lines of production, and more. Times have changed. Production in a large facility can be costly and potentially impossible with current market conditions..

The need for remote distributed manufacturing has arrived. We can get your assembly moving by outsourcing production to our motivated team. Contact us for an initial interview and consultation to get your product manufactured remotely.



We will find personnel with the skillset and combine to form high output teams for your production needs.



We will work with you to organize ordering or pick up of materials for you product and deliver to our assembly team. Once complete, products will be shipped back to you fully assembled.



Abode mfg will use cutting edge technology to handpick the assembly team, track your product progress, and track shipments.



Our support team is available to relay info, get you in touch directly with our team members, and give you peace of mind.


Assembled Products 


Happy Customers


Dollars Saved


Jobs Created


For Abode

Be your own boss, and manage your own production facility. Create your own work schedule and work from home! Abode is here to provide as much work as you can efficiently take on.

Abode MFG


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